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We create real, sustainable demand for brands and product solutions with contractors and trade professionals.


At Wellington Works, we do the work. ​


We combine integrated marketing with contractor insights to align your products with the needs of the professional contractor. Our integrated marketing tools allow us to expand your market reach and streamline your go-to-market strategy. We can help you target the right trade professional at the right time with the right product.

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what we do

At Wellington Works, we do the work for you. We make you better.


Our world-class connected virtual team collaborates with customers to create a product strategy that allows for alignment at every level.  We provide educational and sales support that pulls customers to the right products.

What we do
Global Sourcing

Global Product SourcinG

Global product sourcing, procurement, and product development initiatives have become more challenging due to the velocity of globalization and recent COVID-19 advances. As a result, a global sourcing firm can be used to choose the best market for producing your OEM products, parts, and components as well as to identify a supplier who precisely matches your specifications. Asian Sourcing from nations like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, or other developing nations is a time- and resource-intensive undertaking that not every organization can afford to accomplish on its own.

Wellington Works is a sourcing partner that aims to streamline the procedure for locating products internationally. We have over 36 years of experience as a global sourcing firm and procurement agent. In the 1980s, we initially concentrated on Chinese and Asian suppliers before progressively extending our knowledge to other developing nations worldwide. We understand how crucial a China plus one strategy has become for most enterprises.

Our worldwide product sourcing team has been expanding, and we now have offices in various developing nations throughout Asia and beyond, as well as a network of engineering specialists with experience in international sourcing. Our US-based sourcing organization can meet all your local and international sourcing needs. We function as your local sourcing partner, cutting manufacturing costs and proactively controlling quality control risks by locating the supplier and procurement solution that best meets your demands. We have the technical and engineering professionals to fulfill your needs, whether you're seeking Asian sourcing or a sourcing company in the USA.



Wellington's customized sourcing and procurement services serve the following locations.

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A China Plus One Sourcing Strategy is one of the most common tactics used by our clients because of our global reach. Although this tactic is not new, it has recently gained considerably greater significance because of tariffs, international political difficulties, and COVID-19. The secret is to use a multi-country vendor search to identify other competitive markets that can match your needs for production and quality as a substitute for or backup for China.

Our job is to make this process easier and guarantee that your products and parts are made at a price that is competitive and with the right level of quality assurance. We collaborate with you to choose the ideal supplier in the ideal location, and we then structure the partnership to guarantee the highest levels of relationship stability and product quality across your China Plus One supply chain. Our American sourcing company can meet all your sourcing needs in the Americas.


Supply Chain Diversification

Our sourcing experts can locate your suitable supplier outside China in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Mexico. Supply chain diversification has never been more important, given the tumultuous state of the US-China trade relationship today, the leading tariffs, and the impact of COVID-19 on China and the global supply chain.

Wellington Works is poised and skilled to assist clients through this process and offer affordable yet superior replacements for an established Chinese supplier base. Importing products from nations other than China can lower risk and expenses while also preparing your company for potential future global issues in the fast-paced trade world of today. Get in touch with us to learn more or to share your supply chain diversification ideas.





We are committed to providing superior electrical work. We provide top-notch electrical solutions that can be customized to suit your needs. Get wired!

Composite Decking

By creating specially designed composite decking for you, we serve you in making life more joyful. Adorn your floor today!


Through plenty of ventilation, filtration, and thermal comfort, HVAC systems contribute to the maintenance of healthy indoor air quality. We offer superior-quality HVAC systems.


We offer fine furniture that has been expertly constructed from premium wood. Decorate your dreams with exquisite wood


Wellington Works is the finest option for resolving your issues. Since we value excellence, we only offer the best plumbing solutions. Be leak-proof.


With us, you will undeniably have the best rug options. Your comfort is our priority since you deserve the finest for your feet. Let our rugs tell your story!

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